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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Raising my glass to Resolutions.

Cheers to 2012.

Just as in countless past years I made several self-improvement promises to myself for 2012. Like every other year, I really feel like this is the year where I will finally become that person I was meant to be.

Who doesn’t love second chances? After all isn’t that what the New Year’s Resolution really is? There are a lot of things in life I look back on and wish I had taken a different path or reacted differently to a situation. The best part about resolutions is that they are a promise made to ourselves. But wait, isn’t that the worst part too? No one is counting on me to actually follow through; well no one, but myself. This single fact is what I plan on reminding myself every time I manage to deviate from my Resolutions. If I cannot uphold a promise to myself, the single most important person in all of our lives, than what value am I placing on myself as a creature capable of advancement?

This year I am embracing my second chance at improvements I constantly believe I should make. Among the upgrades I planned for 2012, I have mostly the obvious ones that everyone does (“be healthier, make more money, invest better, watch less TV, etc”). But this year I made a real one. I’m going to start that book I always wanted to write. I have a couple ideas floating around. They say you should always write what you know. Look at Jane Austen, she wrote about a very small realm of her society, and yet her books are among the best in literature. But then, as a huge science fiction fan, I wonder, should I venture into the world of fiction? Alas, I really do not think Ender Wiggin’s battle with the Buggers was based on any sort of life experience of Orson Scott Card. I brainstormed maybe doing a fiction book based on my life experiences a la F Scott Fitzgerald. I think like any of my writing, I will start and as I go along the book will come together as it was always meant to.

The New Years Resolution allows us to have a second chance; a chance to become the person we know we are capable of. I fully plan on embracing this concept. Cheers to the passing of a not so spectacular year and onwards and upwards to what I imagine will be the best year of my adult life so far.

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