I am not here to build your self esteem. I am not the torch to illuminate your ignorance. Most importantly, I'm not here to make friends or influence people. If you do not know me, I direct you to my first entry as a means of introducing who I am and where I'm coming from.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Was it me? Was it you? Does it even matter?

Are you a "what iffer" or a "nexter"? I think of people in two categories. Either they dwell on the past, analyzing it to death until they have wasted their present on "what ifs". Or they are the type of person that believes any reflection on past experiences is pointless and says "next" without regard to the life lesson. I am certainly a person of the later. I think I might have spent the last few years "nexting" many life lessons that seem to be hitting me now.
Randomly (and during a late viewing of O'Reilly) I started thinking about the one relationship in my life that I still deem a success. Yeah, we did not end up married or even friends (also, I think it is weird to maintain a relationship with exes, but that is for another blog) but this relationship was my life's largest influence on my current outlook on dating and relationships. Looking back, the simple answer to our end was that we grew apart. I generally label it that and move on. But that isn't really a fair analysis of what happened.
Maybe my lack of reflection is as simple as not wanting to admit one day someone stopped loving me. Isn't that our deepest darkest fear? One day we wake up and our heart's desire no longer cares for us?
Sometimes I think it was my inability to emotionally commit entirely to someone who was just waiting for me to let him in fully. Walls do not build strong relationships.
So was it me? Or was it him? Was I the impossible one to live with? Did I drive him insane with my ultra type-A behavior and mild chick-flick obsession? Or was he the one who just couldn't be strong enough to see it through?
My epiphany tonight was that why it ended does not even matter. I spent so long avoiding the analysis of the relationship that I missed the whole point of the experience. What matters is what I take from it. Through our strengths I learned that love and commitment are real life possibilities. Sometimes another person's needs and wants are as important as your own. I learned that partnerships with respect and consideration are much stronger than doing it alone. Through our failures I realized that any relationship takes work and strength to carry the weight of the tough times when the other cannot. Most importantly, I learned that the end of anything will not break you unless you let it.
I'm not sure what my conclusion is. I think it's the central question of why do I now approach dating and love from such a jaded perspective when in reality my past has taught me that love exists and when you find it can be amazing. In fact, even when it fails, you gain belief in yourself as an individual.
I will try to remember this conclusion from now on. I cannot go on expecting so very little from the male population, when my first real life experience was truly amazing even though it ended. That is simply unfair and a fine example of cognitive dissonance.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Boyz. I love you all.

Two days ago I sat down to blog about the latest in my eharmony prospecting. Prior to my bitchfest 2010 via the blogosphere, I lamented regarding the horrendousness of eharmony to a couple of my coworkers (i.e. the Boyz), and new characters on the blog, N-dizzle and QuackAttack. N-dizzle made a fair point that I reject suitors left and right for no concrete reason. He suggested that I would immediately dismiss any one of the Boyz for a date had I met them on eharmony even though I obviously love hanging out with them in real life. The point is, while I do not want to actually husband up any of the coworkers, I would have a great night out on the town with every single one of them. That got me to thinking. If only I could wrap all the Boyz up into one man, that man I would indeed want to husband up. So tonight, I bring you the office gossip loveletter.

Below I have listed the qualities I most admire from each of the gang and wish I could steal for my future first husband.

N-dizzle is the intellect. We can talk about anything and everything. He makes even the most impossible (think life insurance) intellectually hilarious and has great insight. (He did indeed prompt this blog.) I need that overly intellectual analysis to keep me on my toes, and to challenge me to leave my comfort zone of intellectual laziness.

QuackAttack is the hilarity. He makes everything funny. He has the best laugh of anyone I know. QuackAttack's laughter is contagious and makes whatever is going on at that moment ten times funnier. Enjoying life is my number one goal. I need a man who wants to spend more time laughing than anything else no matter what we are doing and where life takes us.

BigGuns is the chivalry when I thought it was dead. A true gentlemen, BigGuns understands the art of dating and seduction. He always makes a woman feel special even when it's just the usual suspects at the Stro. A midwestern boy at heart, his manners are something I could take home to my mother and be more than proud.

Bossman has always believed in me. He hired me with faith that I can succeed. Even when I'm not sure, he has never faltered. Because he believes, I know I can be successful. It is important that a partner believe in you when sometimes you don't have that ability.

BFighter is the commitment and amazing future father that any girl would want in a potential suitor. Of the "marrying kind" that San Diego seriously lacks in, he spends his weekends committed to family. In a world full of alcoholic partying 20 somethings, this man brings the commitment I thought was nonexistent in Southern California.

GiAAnts is the adolescent crush one never wants to forget. Time will paint this one as a future sweetheart, but for now he is a little too much fun and a little too unavailable. (Albeit in the best way possible.) With his charm, he will keep the spark alive and with his fun he will keep you guessing. Relationships can get stale, but with this boy's quality, my relationship will stay alive.

DeathBenefit is the best friend and partner every committed relationship demands. The most loyal among the Boyz, he is never offended or mad, I can tell him just about anything (and pretty much have). When things get tough in the future you need that steady comrade who you can trust with your deepest darkest secrets.

In sum, you can see I'm one lucky girl. Surrounded by great coworkers who really bring the fun (sometimes a bit too much). Each one of them has so many qualities I love, if I could just pick out my favorites and make a Frankenstein like "super boyfriend" (that is not actually a monster and instead Bruce Willis hot) I would have the perfect man to husband up. I'll keep searching for now. But I must admit, being surrounded by such great people everyday, the bar is only being raised on a weekly basis.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm back.

Hello all. I have not been on the blogging train for the last few months. I am going to try to be more frequent. Something about writing and telling stories helps me deal with stress. Maybe because when I write for an audience I try to make my general musings entertaining, and as I go along I realize that whatever complaint I have is indeed hilarious. If you can't laugh at life, then really what do you have.
Summer Summary: I have been working the new job. Finally getting into the swing of things here. More on that later I'm sure. But for now let me just say, likely there will be a few new characters on the blog due to my coworkers being awesome.
Bender weekends update: I have been mixing up all my weekends. Some are highly responsible and others are not. By not I mean, complete shitshows which make me wonder how old am I really turning next month.
Politics Update: Cannot wait for the House and Senate to change over. I took almost a four month break from the daily obsession with DC scandaliociousness...but I'm pleased to report I am back and in full swing. I had not planned on taking the break, it happened naturally. I was so depressed that our country actually voted for a man who hates the foundations of our society and spends his Presidency complaining about our alleged faults to foreigners and when he is home spends his time trying to ruin everything we stand for...but all that for a new blog. The important thing is that I am back and ready to get as involved as ever. I was missing a huge part of myself and did not even realize it until I turned O'Reilly on about a week ago. Yes, you can thank one of my life heros for saving my political soul. For the rest of you- go out and vote. Especially in CA it is more important than ever that we throw these jackasses out of office.
Dating Update: For the regular readers, let me assure you, there is dating hilarity about to ensue. I will not disappoint. You guessed it, I registered (again) for eharmony and am going to "try" it again. I have not corresponded with anyone yet, but I think this weekend may be the beginning of trainwreck possibilities....
For now I will leave you with an observation I had this week.
All of us at some point have drunk dialed and/or texted the object (or victim) of our affections. Let me explain to men: when you drunk dial a girl the assumption is that the girl is on "the list." You, the girl, are one of the many who said boy hopes to "hang out" with at a very late or early morning time on a weekend. Which is fine. Just be sure when you do drunk dial that you want to let on to a girl that she is category "drunk dial" for a good time. This scenario happened to me a few weeks ago with a friend who I did not realize had placed me on his "list". It sorta hurt my feelings. I am all for people having a good time, but I have not engaged in behavior to encourage this friend to conclude I am a "category drunk dial". I'm still mulling over why it hurt my feelings. Maybe it was that I don't want to be on someone's "list"; Rather, I want to be the only name on a man's list (we all have impossible fantasies). Being on a list takes away any pretentions that I am special or one of a kind (an assumption that I cling to heavily). Mostly, I thought this person was a friend and knew me pretty well, but turns out, he does not in fact know me or care about me any more than he does the rest of his list.
Of course this only applies when the person is not a significant other. Drunk calls and texts from significant others are entirely acceptable and in my case encouraged.
For now I'm out. Gots to head home and make some dinner for my fabulous eharmony surfing self.