I am not here to build your self esteem. I am not the torch to illuminate your ignorance. Most importantly, I'm not here to make friends or influence people. If you do not know me, I direct you to my first entry as a means of introducing who I am and where I'm coming from.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Yes" Man

Looks like I will be only updating this randomly now that life has gotten pretty busy for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.

The new job got me to thinking. In the last month I've put myself out there in ways I did not know I was capable. This job may be the best decision of my adult life. Only time will tell; At this point I've made a list (short as I am tired and about to meet Cdizz) of the experiences that have made me realize that life is indeed filled with endless possibilities that only I can realize through hard work.

1) In the first month I already learned who I can count on. I have experienced every kind of reaction from friends and acquaintances when telling them about what I am doing. Overwhelmingly, people are supportive. Sadly, some disappoint. Mostly, I'm counting these new realizations as a definite bullet point in the positive category. Support has come from all over including people I never thought even remembered me when I called them.

2) I have developed relationships with people I did not know I even had something in common with. This list continues to grow daily, but for now I have several shoutouts. First, special recognition to BED. You may remember him from a previous blog, but this trainwreck neighbor is one of my biggest cheerleaders. He may be king of the underbelly, but he is probably the most dependable shitshow I've ever met. Also, must give a shoutout to the 401(k)Man who gave me some good advice and is not (entirely) the crazy liberal that I pictured; turns out we are alike in many ways. I guess what I can take from my experiences thus far, is that people have a tendency to surprise, and not in a bad way.

3) I am busier than I could possibly imagine (and it is only ramping up at this point). If you asked me two months ago I would have characterized myself as a homebody. Turns out, I am not. I actually like people. I enjoy going out with them and just generally being out in the world and interacting. Everyone loves those rare evenings when you stay in with a glass (or bottle) of wine and enjoy a good book, but I officially love going out and meeting new people even more than the book and wine in my fabulous appartment.

4) I’m busy doing things I would never actively pursue or experience. Through these new ventures I am forced to adjust and grow as a human being. Whether it’s potential client meeting or joining a volunteer board in the area, I am growing in ways that matter much more than an immediate paycheck.

For now, I just want to thank you all. Especially if you are reading this blog, you are probably one of those individuals who I can count on and I appreciate more than ever. I must leave you with the sage advice of my hero and God: “Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values”. Ayn Rand could not be more right.