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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goodbye 2011...Welcome 2012

I know it has been far too long since I’ve written. I thought I should do a year recap. Since December is a time of chapter closing before we can go into the New Year, I have a few humble thoughts about 2011.

To steal a famous analysis, 2011 may be the best of times and also the worst of times. Having experienced so many things this year, 2011 may leave the largest impression on my life of any one single year thus far. I discovered who I am for better or worse. I started out in January ready to conquer my career. Never more sure about who I was or the money I could make. (Much as I will stumble through January 2012 I am sure.) It was the fall of 2011 that I was lost in a forest of self-doubt wondering through a “Road of Trials” (shout out to Joseph Campbell) and failed some of the trials. But then, Luke Skywalker would never be the hero he was if he had succeeded at every test.

For, it is not the successes in life where lessons are learned but our failures. The most important lesson this year I learned is probably one I will have to continue to learn. As most of my readers know, I (mistakenly) define success in life on the ability to collect assets and purchase materialistic things. Looking back I may be partially wrong about that. I think the best thing I could learn was that I am already successful. I have a life I love with people in it who love me even when I’m at my absolute worst. I have a laundry list of those to thank. I thank my family first and foremost. They gave me the skills, talent, and ability. Their support never swayed and allowed me to focus on building a career most only dream about. Given some of my poor choices this year I realized I have an amazing best friend who, even knowing the worst of the worst, helped me with advice, listening, and copious amounts of wine. More support than I deserve sometimes. My fellow Tribe members had by back at work; the three of you pushed me to get through the next call session, or prospecting scheme, or sometimes just went to the bar with me to vent.

So I’m ending 2011 with a list of failures I am more thankful for than my successes for without them, I would not realize how lucky I am already. I may not be the 1% yet, but I am in love and support. Thank you to everyone and cheers to an even better 2012.

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